Annual Post Secondary Instituition Scholarships and Bursaries


(*listed in alphabetical order, not by deadline date)


BAYTECH COLLEGE: There is one $500 Entrance Scholarship available to a Dalbrae Academy graduate who has applied and gained acceptance into a Welding, Electrical, Plumbing, or Carpentry program at BayTech College in Moncton, NB. If you would like to be considered for this scholarship, please write a 500 word (max.) letter to the Dalbrae Academy Academic Awards Committee explaining why you feel you are a deserving recipient of this scholarship, the program you applied to and submit to guidance.

Deadline: June


CAPE BRETON UNIVERSITY (CBU) SCHOLARSHIPS: Students MUST APPLY for these scholarships - they are NOT automatically entered when applying for admissions. There are SEVEN Major Entrance Scholarships, that range from $11,500-$24,000. For more information and to find application forms, visit

Deadline: March


DALHOUSIE 'General Entrance Award Application': The General Entrance Award Application will be available for admitted students in mid December. Admitted students must apply through DalOnline. Students awaiting admission can apply using the paper application, which will be available at a later date. For more info and eligiblity, please go to:

Deadline: March

DALHOUSIE 'Harrison McCain' Scholarship: Available annually to students attending the Faculty of Agriculture (excluding Pre-Vet or Vet Tech) or School or Nursing. Value of $16,000 ($4,000 per year). Criteria is a minimum of 80% average in the senior year of high schoo, financial need, leadership qualities, and a recognized initiative in funding your own education. For more info and eligiblity, please go to:

Deadline: March


NSCC SCHOLARSHIPS, BURSARIES & AWARDS: The NSCC Awards will eventually be available to students who will be attending a program in September. There are various awards , including the NSCC Entrance Award for High School Students. Applications open in March . Please go to this link to see all awards:

NSCC Entrance Award for High School Students Deadline: May

Raymond E. Ivany Merit Scholarship Deadline: May



IMPORTANT ADMISSIONS CHANGE – Students will now only require one Grade 12 Science as opposed to two Grade 12 Sciences in the past in order to be admissible into the Science program. That Grade 12 Science course can be either Chemistry 12, Biology 12, Physics 12 or Computer Programming 12.

IMPORTANT SCHOLARSHIP CHANGE – Scholarship deadline is now March 1 as opposed to March 15 in previous years. Students will NOT need a letter of reference for their scholarship applications this year. For more information, please go to

Deadline: March 1st


STFX GENERAL ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS: StFX is founded on the values of academic excellence, leadership, and service to others. The StFX National Entrance Scholarship Program reflects these qualities by recognizing students’ achievements and assisting them financially in their efforts to obtain a quality education. Eligible students are automatically considered for an entrance scholarship when they apply, if they have at least an 85%+ average in the courses required for their desired program. More detailed information, please go to:

Deadline: Admission application recieved by March 1st

ST. FRANCIS XAVIER UNIVERSITY CIBC Scholastic Award: This award was established by CIBC as part of their commitment to making a difference in communities through sponsorships with strategic focus on youth and education. This $4000 bursary is open to all Canadian citizens from any province or territory in Canada. This bursary will be awarded to a student demonstrating financial need and also leadership achievements in community and high school as reflected by their extracurricular activities. Two letters of reference are required, at least one of which must be from the applicant’s high school guidance counsellor or a high school teacher. This bursary requires a minimum high school average of 80% to be considered for the award and has the potential to be renewable in subsequent years of study at StFX. Applications are available by request to .

Deadline: TBD


UNIVERSITY OF KING'S COLLEGE ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS: Apply to King’s by March 1 to be automatically considered for a general entrance scholarship, valued between $500 and $3500:

  • 80-84.9%: $500

  • 85-89.9%: $2000

  • 90-94.9%: $2500

  • 95%+: $3500

King’s also offers the following Major Entrance Scholarships for which special applications are required.

See full list at

  • all application forms by January 15

  • a cover sheet and 3 copies of a 4-7 page high school essay* by January 15

  • your high school transcripts (by March 2)

*The essay you submit should be analytic or comparative in nature; it should create and defend a thesis statement. Please ensure your essay is well edited and represents a clear, effective argument.

Deadlines: Major Entrance Scholarships - January; General Entrance Scholarships - March


UNIVERSITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS: If you’re in high school and want to be considered for scholarship support, complete the general scholarship application by March 1. It covers the majority of UNB entrance scholarships (400+) available to Canadian and international high school applicants who are starting an undergraduate program at UNB. One application covers both campuses. You’ll be assessed for scholarship opportunities once you’ve been admitted into an undergraduate degree program. UNB’s scholarship support ranges from $500 to $100,000! Late applications are accepted but opportunities will be limited. More information can be found at

Deadline: March 1st


UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO/FACULTY OF MATHMATICS ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS : Available to students who accept their offer of admission and meet Uof W requirements. As many as 200 scholarships are offered, ranging from $1,000 to full cost. In addition, the University of Waterloo offers entrance scholarships based on grades and bursaries based on financial need. Talk to your math teacher about participating in the Euclid Contest during your grade 12 year to be eligible for Faculty of Mathematics entrance scholarships (

More information can be found at

Faculty of Mathematics Olympiad, National, and Global Scholarship Application Deadline: February

University of Waterloo Entrance Bursary Application Deadline: Mid-April