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Dexter Institute Private Career College Brochure and Application Information

Open Houses:

 There are Open Houses (and Information Sessions) happening at universities across Nova Scotia and beyond.

  An Open House is an opportunity for prospective students to explore what a particular campus has to offer; you learn about programs, class sizes, have questions answered and meet faculty.

Some Open houses may be offered in person this year, others may be virtual.

Often at an Open House, you may be able to apply for early admissions and some schools will waive their application fee! So you can apply for free and make your decision later about which school you want to attend.

You usually have to sign up for these ahead of time. Please see the Information about Open Houses and Other Post Secondary Information Sessions listed below: 

  • St Thomas University Virtual Open House:
  • St Francis Xavier University: 
  • University of British Columbia:

Transitions: Post-Secondary Resource

Grade 12's: Check out this Post Secondary Resource for Graduates called Transitions.

It's a beneficial guide that helps students to make the most of their time in university/college. This resource includes helpful tips on:

  • managing your time and money
  • staying healthy and taking care of yourself
  • navigating relationships
  • online safety
  • resources for further help

and so much more :) Clicking the above link will take you to the PDF copy

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